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In Innichen, in the Upper Puster Valley, there is a rustic winebar called Karadar with an extensive variety of wines and spirits. The proprietor, Diether Karadar, not only knows and loves liquid spirits, but is also a passionate ambassador for ’slowfood’ and the chairman of the Puster Valley Slow Food Association. This association takes a stand for the upkeep of niche products.
In addition, Slow Food tries to increase their clients’ quality awareness, because – in the end – it is the consumer who decides, which products they should offer. A visit to Diether Karadar’s business is very informative and also very entertaining. He is very critical in his choice of products and customers will be able to buy a top wine at a fair price.

Nowadays, the label on the bottle can easily mislead the buyer and, in the end, the D.O.C. logo does not provide too much information about the wine. Mr Karadar demonstrates how you can get excited by simply smelling a wine’s fragrance: ’A Tuscan wine!’ - This is only possible with pure wines, which he preferably gets from small vineyards. These products reflect the soil on which the grapes grow. South Tyrol has various microclimates, long and transverse valleys, mountains and low areas and a huge choice of pure wines, where the critical feature is their drinkability. Drinking wine should be fun. It must have a round and clean flavour and high-quality maturity. When you drink it, the wine should practically tell you its story. It is not always easy to recognise the fruity tones and aromas, the depth and complexity.

Mr Karadar has an eye for bio-products, which are made in complete harmony with the cosmos and nature and are not subject, which have been treated with any spray. Artificial fertilizer puts too much salt into the ground and increases the water intake. Biodynamic producers work with humus as fertilizer and use special types of water. The wines, which are produced in this way, are full of energy and can be enjoyed to the full. Also autochthon wine types are loved by philosophical wine professionals: They are characteristic with regard to the type of soil used and enable us to stay in touch with the landscape where they have grown. Besides pure and autochthon wines in South Tyrol and Italy, there are also distillates to which Diether Karadar gives special attention. An entire corner of his wine-bar is dedicated to the noble distillates. These are first class products, mostly from small distilleries. Karadar, being trained as an electrician and technician, has a lot of know-how in this subject, which he has acquired during long trips abroad. He offers lay people a lot of insight into areas where we would not have common knowledge, or recognise as being true. You can enjoy non-aromatised product in this vast range of grappas. In addition, Mr Karadar is truly specialised in Grand-Cru-Bordeaux, which he offers online, along with all the other products we have already talked about. A small part of the wine bar is dedicated to wine tasting. This includes not only wines, distillates (also whiskey, cognac, rum), sparkling wine and champagne, but also accessories to enjoy, such as beautiful wine glasses, carafes, decanters, stoppers, wine thermometers, openers – practically everything, which makes the enjoyment of wine more perfect.

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Santa Cecilia 2003/04/05 Planeta Winery

Santa Cecilia 2003/04/05 Planeta Winery

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